About AR production

 HELLO, I’M ALI. I spent half my life in Hamburg, Germany before moving to Toronto, Canada and it was family and love that brought me here.

Here in Toronto I met my wife. My two amazing boys Armaan and Farhan were born here. And it’s here that I was inspired to start my photography business, documenting and telling beautiful stories with every picture. 

“The human experience is dynamic, unique and wholly unpredictable – it’s an exciting challenge to explore it through photography.” I don’t remember where I read this but it is true. Photography can make a moment immortal and you will live that special moment again and again each time you look at the photograph.  To me the perfect image is the convergence of visual ideas, technology and personal interpretation. And when everything aligns, it’s beautiful. 



Wedding Photography: 

Your Wedding is the most important day in your life, and I know you want pictures you can treasure and hold close to your heart for the rest of your life…

I capture the emotion and joy of the moment whether it be of the happy wedding couple on location, at the venue or at home surrounded by family. I create Photographs that tell your story. "

Package Prices:

We offer our costumer a wide range of products such as storybooks, coffee table books with high quality crystal and leather cover in different colours and sizes. Prints on paper or stretch canvas, parents album, thank you cards and much more...

Please contact us via email or phone to send you our brochure and price lists as PDF file so you can view it anytime you need or even create your own package from our à la Carte price list.


Tel: 647 390 5635

Email: arphoto.to@gmail.com

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