2o Myths about becoming a pro photographer

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I came across of a blog by improvephotography.com lately with 20 myths about becoming a pro photographer.  A most read for all photography lovers and enthusiasts thinking about going pro. One of these myths is having a website. Specially if you are a DoItYourself guy like me and very lazy about blogging and social media.

Myth #6: Paying for a nice website will bring in clients.

As a former web designer, I can unequivocally promise that this is a myth.  In fact, if you put up a good gallery of images on a website and do nothing more, it is unlikely that even one person will find your website when searching for  a photographer.  Why? Because you haven’t optimized your website for search engines.

When someone searches “Boise Idaho Photographer” in Google, they will receive search results that match those keywords.  What I see over and over again with non-tech-savvy photographers is that they have a website full of images with only a tiny bit of text.  Surprise,  Google will not be able to tell that you’re a photographer in Boise Idaho from the fact that you have pictures on your site.

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