What a great privilege to work with the new face of fashion industry Christie. She arrived we talked for a few minutes, went over to the studio, she got her makeup done and we started shooting. There is such a friendly calm and professional atmosphere when shooting with her as if we worked together for years. I completely forgot that it is our first shoot and I usually don't seriously shoot my first collaboration with any model. First photo shoot session is to try out and see how we can work together, what can we achieve results that benefits the model, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and photographer. These results speak for their themselves. ,

Lighting diagram will follow soon. I shot the beauty shots with only one light and reflector. A traditional beauty lighting (butterfly lighting) setup. The casual look was just a white background and a beauty dish with no diffuser. It was a simple lighting setup but when there is a professional team involved everything will run smooth. 


Ali Rahim