Why I moved to Squarespace !


So Here is why I moved to  Squarespace. 

 Building a professional website for someone having no idea how to do it can be quit a struggle.

My whole story in short:
I got my domain from Ghandi.net and invested in a cool looking template for wordpress. Ghandi.net has a  so called "one hour wordpress quick setup

' which toke me 3 days, several emails and waiting and the people from Ghandi never replied. They just take your money and disappear. After 3 days I gave up on Gandhi and my money was gone. 

One of my friends was a  Godaddy customer and recommended me to go there. after a few hours my website was online. Then there is the problem with the templates. You have to contact the designer via Email if there is an issue or you just can't go on. that means waiting again....

So all this is form point of view of someone with no knowledge whatsoever about building a website. I bought two templates for  wordpress within 2 years but never were happy with what i had until I came across squarespace. 
Building website toke me 25 minutes, some minor setup problems were solved within minutes after searching the Squarespace help section. 

And here is the result and I love it. www.aliproduction.com


Ali Rahim